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Important Notes:

Poster presentations give authors an opportunity to acquaint conference attendees with the fundamentals of their program, special project, or study analysis quickly and easily.


ePosters (required for in-person and virtual presenters)

All presenters are required to upload a PDF of their poster to be viewed on the IDWeek Interactive Program website. In addition to uploading your poster, poster presenters will also record a 5-minute presentation that will be made available to registered attendees on-demand for IDWeek 2023 through the Interactive Program (this website).


All electronic posters and narration will be uploaded prior to the conference and made available to attendees in the Interactive Program Planner (this website). Attendees will be able to browse through all ePosters with the ability to filter and sort based on author name and category. Posters and audio will be available online for a minimum of three years.

Virtual Poster Presenters

Virtual Poster Presenters will not be presenting "live" online. Virtual presenters will not need to log on at the scheduled presentation time that is listed on the preparation email. The audio recording will be the only way for you to speak about your poster to attendees. Additionally, Presenters who opted into the Q&A and Discussion feature (more information below) will be asked to log in to the site between the dates of Oct. 11 - Oct. 25 to answer questions and participate in the discussion on their presentation page. IDWeek recommends that presenters who are not able to attend the meeting in-person, ask a colleague who is attending in-person to bring and hang your poster onsite to ensure maximum exposure to your poster.

In-Person Poster Presenters

In order to hang your poster, you must be registered for IDWeek and have a badge that will give you access to Exhibit Hall B and C.  All posters must be posted on the boards by Thursday, October 12th at 10 a.m. and must remain posted until Saturday, October 14th at 6 p.m.

Poster set-up: Thursday, October 12 from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
Poster removal: Saturday, October 14 from 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m

IDWeek is not responsible for any posters left after 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 14.

Please note that presenters must be at their poster boards during the poster session on their assigned days.


Q&A and Discussion Board

IDWeek continues to encourage interaction and discussion between abstract presenters and viewers by enabling Q&A and Discussion functionality on the site. Presenters can opt in to this functionality, it is not mandatory. This feature will allow registered attendees only to post questions directly on your presentation page, and you will be able to login and answer them. There will also be a discussion board where attendees can leave comments regarding the presentation. Presenters who opt in will be asked to login to the site during specified dates to answer questions and participate in the discussion on their presentation page. Download information regarding the Q&A and Discussion Board

How do I Upload my ePoster?

View the video below on how to upload an ePoster and record a 5-minute audio narration in the Poster Harvester. The poster upload must be a single page PDF document with no back. Poster orientation can be portrait or landscape.


How do I Record my Poster Narration?

Poster Narration will be entirely recorded and collected in the Poster Harvester.


*Please view the video below for a walkthrough of upload a poster and recording audio narration.





Can I include a QR Code on my poster?

Yes, a QR Code can be included in the poster to link to additional resources and information that is housed in another location, however, the QR code cannot lead to commercial content.

Produce Your Poster

IDWeek has partnered with Fern Expo to offer a poster production service. This service is highly recommended for poster presenters who are presenting virtually as Fern will print and hang your poster for you. The discounted price is $395 per poster for posters submitted by September 18, 5 p.m. EST.  Posters submitted after September 18 will be $495. Posters submitted after October 9 and On-Site will be $595.

Fern will:

Fern facilitates IDWeek exhibits, posterboards and signs, and provides this service at a reduced cost for IDWeek poster presenters. Plus, Fern offers you the full service of hanging the poster which is a great option for virtual presenters

Ordering is easy...
Approval process...

Fern will send a PDF proof of your poster to the email you provided. You will then review the proof. If it is acceptable, sign and email the approved PDF proof back to Fern. If changes are required, email a revised PDF file and a new proof will be sent. No poster will be produced without your approval. Approval is requested within 48 hours of receipt of the proof. There are no additional charges for 1 new edited file made prior to you approving the poster.  Additional poster layout editing will be charged $70 per hour (1 hour minimum per round).


The first deadline to submit is 5 p.m. EST on September 18 for the discounted price of $395. Posters submitted after September 18 and by October 9th will be $495. Posters submitted after October 9th and On-Site will be $595.


Need Help?

Email or call (800) 774-1251 x 1.


How to Prepare Your Poster

Poster Presentation Requirements:

1.  For publishing purposes, the poster upload must be a PDF file at the highest resolution possible.


2.  The aspect ratio when designing your poster for printing (ratio of width to height) should ideally be set to ’16:9′ (Widescreen). Printed posters should be approx. 4ft (tall) x 8 ft (wide).


3.  The complete poster is limited to one slide only. That means one single page for your PDF file.


4.  Fonts should be sans-serif (e.g., Arial, Calibri, etc.)


5.  Minimum font size should not be smaller than 6pt