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Important Notes:

Oral presentations give authors an opportunity to acquaint conference attendees with the fundamentals of their program, special project, or study analysis quickly and easily.

Q&A and Discussion Board

IDWeek continues to encourage interaction and discussion between abstract presenters and viewers by enabling Q&A and Discussion functionality on the site. Presenters can opt in to this functionality, it is not mandatory. This feature will allow registered attendees only to post questions directly on your presentation page, and you will be able to login and answer them. There will also be a discussion board where attendees can leave comments regarding the presentation. Presenters who opt in will be asked to login to the site during specified dates to answer questions and participate in the discussion on their presentation page. Download information regarding the Q&A and Discussion Board


How do I Upload my PowerPoint Slide Presentation?

Oral Abstract presenters will receive an email with instructions to upload their presentation slides. For those presenters that prefer to pre-submit their presentations via the web prior to arriving in Boston, MA, you may do so by visiting the IDWeek Presentation Pre-Submission Site which will be available in September of 2023.

Can I include a QR Code in my presentation?

Yes, a QR Code can be included in the presentation to link to additional resources and information that are housed in another location, however, the QR code cannot lead to commercial content


How to Prepare Your Presentation

Best Practices for Slides: